Sunday, 29 November 2009

Busy Weekend

Well I love it when Friday comes around but it's no sooner here and the weekend is over. Anyway my weekend was not wasted. Saturday morning was spent chilling with some of my crafting friends making 2 lovely christmas scrapbook pages, thanks Tracey. The afternoon was spent with my hubby searching for a christmas tree, I thought it would be easy, silly me. at 5.25pm as the garden centre was closing for the night we finally found the tree and lights we wanted. We started early on Sunday morning and cleaned the house from top to bottom. I did all the ironing and washing- such a good feeling. We decided to get the tree out of the box to see how big it would look in the room. I'm glad we started building it now we might have it finished for christmas week. Martyn says amount of money it cost someone should be sent to your house to build it for you. It's a bit like the krypton factor. Martyn is off to bed now as he is early shift so I might just finish my weekend off with an hour in my craft room doing my friday sketchers card. Lynda

Sunday, 22 November 2009

Today I had a fantastic time, 6hrs and 30mins crafting (a marathon). I was at Tracey's Craft shop - Running With Scissors, where we made a journal for Christmas. There were pages to make but just when you got to the end of a page and thought this is the last one - another one would appear from the other end of the table. Poor Tracey must have been exhausted. You did a brilliant job of the journal Tracey and I love the book looking forward to filling it now. Thanks to all the girls I sat with who made the day extra special - Anne you are a great tonic and I think we did really well with not to many mistakes or should I say changes as there are no mistakes. But Tracey I really do not know what I'm going to do with my bird house. Lynda xx

Fabulous Friend

This card was made for my daughters best friend. She turned 15 this weekend. The papers that I used were scraps from K&Co, the stamp is magnolia, and the muffin is magnolia. I used distress inks to colour, and H2O shimmers. Lynda xx

Saturday, 21 November 2009


I would just like to thank Lynsey for setting up this blog for me, as although I am entering the Friday Sketchers each week and e-mailing it to the host it doesn't seem to be happening. Ao watch out Friday Sketchers because here I come!!!!!!!! They wont know whats hit them! Apart from that, it is time I had my little corner of blogdom! Now I can get busy taking photographs and uploading them to my blog. Lynda xx