Tuesday, 22 December 2009


Well it's just about on top of us now. I'm so looking forward to some time off work and enjoying some family time. I feel as though I should have finished work already as Lynsey has finished school and Ryan arrived home on Friday then Mum finally arrived on santa's sleigh on Sunday. So I really feel it is so unfair that I still have to get up in the mornings and go to work, especially in the snow. I have a few boxes to make to hold jewellerey that I have bought for crimbo pressies. Lynda xx

Wednesday, 16 December 2009


This card I made for my friends son for his Mum
This one was for my friends mum and partner
This one for my friends wife. I must say I do love this stamp I borrowed it I think I need to buy it.
Well tonight I have taken some photos of a few cards that I have made, and my craft room after the effect that Christmas craft has had on it. I have now started tidying things away and can nearly see the table. I have found some lovely papers and stamps that I have bought and obviously needed at the time, but unfortunatley not had time to use, so I have put it away till next year. Tomorrow is my Christmas Party at work we are off to Rotheram to a fancy hotel not staying over though got to come home. I have been to get my nails painted and hair done. Lynsey has gone to her Rangers Christmas party tonight. It's all go in the household got to get pressies wrapped for Lyns while she is out.
I do promise that it is looking better.
Lynda xx

Monday, 14 December 2009


Well in my case it's or what I'm affraid. Just when I think I'm organised something comes along to remind me that I'm so not. I was running about like a headless chicken on Friday but had bragged to everyone that I was organised, with cards made written and posted most of christmas shopping done wow thats a first since Iv'e been full time work. So pleased I was with myself, then I arrived home ready to take my medication at 6pm and remembered that I had not been to the chemist to pick up my tablets. Thanks to Tracey's mum all was not lost she helped me out as we have the same medication a big thank you Chris. Just getting the craft room tidy on Sunday when Martyn says will you be able to make some cards for his mate at work. I couldn't say no as I make them for him all the time and just thought he had changed his mind this year anyway I set to and they are being delivered tonight. Have some photos to upload of my craft room after christmas card making will do it later. Lynda XX

Tuesday, 8 December 2009


I have been card making today since 4.30 and I am totally drained of ideas, But I do think I might have finished. I have written all cards I have made and everyone seems to have one. I have to admit I have got behind with my journal over the last few days but promise to get back on track with it this week I have taken Victoria's advice and made a note and stuck it in the journal.. I promised myself last year that I would not get myself in a state about christmas and take on too much, up to now I have kept my promise. I have finished Guides last Thursday, I am posting on Friday so better be finished. I want to put up decorations inside and out this weekend. I want to do some altered craft I have never done anything like it before so it's something different. I finish work on christmas eve and don't go back till monday the 4th Jan I can't wait. Lynda xx

Sunday, 6 December 2009


Ryan came home on Friday evening it has been quite a few weeks since we have seen him. I enjoy having him back to look after. Both him and Lynsey came to meet me at scrapbooking on Saturday, we went into town to do a bit of Christmas shopping and have a bit of lunch. We had a good afternoon and came back with plenty of shopping bags and sore feet and thats what Christmas is to me!!!!!!! Got home in time to get changed and out again to have a meal with some other family members. I love watching my neice and nephew with Ryan as they are so desperate to have his attention and tell him everything that has been happening since they last saw him. Our aunts and uncle also fight as to who is sitting next to him at the table so they can catch up with him and find out from him whats been happening in his life over the last 6 weeks. What a lovely day crafting all morning and spending quality time with my children in the afternoon, out for a family meal at night PERFECT. Lynda xx

Friday, 4 December 2009

This is a Christmas card I have made for a special friend.


Well today I had some time with my friends Tracey and Lorraine thanks to both of you for your help updating my blog. I hope you think it has improved. I need as much help as poss. Must admitt I have learned so much today at least I know how to do the gadgets, and backgrounds now!!!!!!!! Just need a little heelp uploading photos to my slide.Lynda xx

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

My Favorite Film

I have been waiting for 2 weeks to go and see A Christmas Carol 3D at the cinema. It has always been my favorite film. The grafics and the detail were amazing. It was everthing I wanted it to be. It took me right back to when I was a wee girl and I was frightened from the ghosts. Lynsey was cuddling up to me when the ghost fom the future came, then nearly jumped out of her skin at one point. I'm off now to write in my Journal, I feel if I don't keep up to date with it I will find it a bind and thats not what I want from it. Lynda xx