Thursday, 18 February 2010

Orange or Terracotta

Evening I'm pleased to say that this week at work has been much better and more relaxed less stress. Thats the way I like it. I have heard a great saying on the radio today it's "If you stand on your tip toes you can nearly see the weekend". So while I have been less harassed thought I would get some cards finished and posted. By the end you will be fed up popping back. This card is one that I made while at my friday night craft class, I think I have spoken about our craft class before its a group of friends who get together on a friday evening. We make a card or two and have some tea and a few wee drams, sometimes we have too many and don't get any cards made. I must admit that we are better now than we used to be, some fridays we would have so much to drink that we couldn't remember what we had made the night before and when we looked at it the only place it was fit for was the bin. We have been doing this now for 4 yrs. The question is Orange or Terracotta Lynda xx


  1. Terracotta - definitely and beautiful it is too, that punch is lush and your coloured image sooooo cute TFS XXX

  2. Terracotta with a splash of orange lol.

    I love it.