Sunday, 3 January 2010


Just thought I would show you a couple of photos of my dog Tilly having fun in the snow she loved eating it too. She couldn't walk as she had so much snow stuck to her little legs. Bless her
This is Lynsey having to carry her back from her walk.
Tomorrow is my first day back at work. In a funny sort of way I'm looking forward to it. I cant get myself motivated to do carafting. I have enjoyed the Christmas break I was ready for it, batteries are recharged and I'm ready to rumble.
Looking forward now to our cruise in April around the Caribbean we pick the ship up in Jamaica I am so looking forward to it but could really do with losing a few pounds first. I always think the looking forward to a holiday is part of the fun.
Lynda xx


  1. Well I am sure I just left comment but it appears to have disappeared, if you get this twice please just put it down to me losing my marbles !!! Snowy was in deep camouflage all christmas, we ket losing him in the sow and he was hoovering it up just like Tilly lol, hoping your mojo returns soon along with mine XXX

  2. lol! those photo's are so cute!

    some to scrap!

    I got my mojo back today and made some ATC's for swap #3 on Running With Scissors, I thought I would start small!

    see you