Tuesday, 8 December 2009


I have been card making today since 4.30 and I am totally drained of ideas, But I do think I might have finished. I have written all cards I have made and everyone seems to have one. I have to admit I have got behind with my journal over the last few days but promise to get back on track with it this week I have taken Victoria's advice and made a note and stuck it in the journal.. I promised myself last year that I would not get myself in a state about christmas and take on too much, up to now I have kept my promise. I have finished Guides last Thursday, I am posting on Friday so better be finished. I want to put up decorations inside and out this weekend. I want to do some altered craft I have never done anything like it before so it's something different. I finish work on christmas eve and don't go back till monday the 4th Jan I can't wait. Lynda xx


  1. Well it certainly sounds to me like you are super organised Lynda - I so hope you get a chance to sit back, relax and enjoy the festive season, I hope you are going to share pics of all the cards you have been making , see you soon XXX

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  3. Well done you!
    I am still makong my cards.
    I love my card thanks.

    see you soon