Monday, 14 December 2009


Well in my case it's or what I'm affraid. Just when I think I'm organised something comes along to remind me that I'm so not. I was running about like a headless chicken on Friday but had bragged to everyone that I was organised, with cards made written and posted most of christmas shopping done wow thats a first since Iv'e been full time work. So pleased I was with myself, then I arrived home ready to take my medication at 6pm and remembered that I had not been to the chemist to pick up my tablets. Thanks to Tracey's mum all was not lost she helped me out as we have the same medication a big thank you Chris. Just getting the craft room tidy on Sunday when Martyn says will you be able to make some cards for his mate at work. I couldn't say no as I make them for him all the time and just thought he had changed his mind this year anyway I set to and they are being delivered tonight. Have some photos to upload of my craft room after christmas card making will do it later. Lynda XX

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